Sunday, 13 January 2008

Glenshee Traffic

After leaving Braemar yesterday, I stuck with Plan A, and headed up to Glenshee intending to get some action shots of the ski-ing and 'boarding. Heading south, every car park was packed, people were stopping in the road to look at the herds of deer in the glen. We pushed on through to the ski centre where it was even worse.


With no place to turn back, and just space for a single car to pass, we had to pass by The Cairnwell, and Glas Maol before eventually passing to The Spittal, turning round and passing through the tight squeeze again. Complete chaos with cars left haphazardly in car parks and at the side of the road.


An hour to 90 minutes later, we were back at Braemar, with no photos taken and a hope that the MRT vehicles that I'd seen (about 3) weren't needed. I can't imagine any hikers being so selfish to just abandon their car in the road so that they can go and enjoy themselves. I'll never bother heading that way when it is snowing. This sort of thing isn't for me.



Scott.G.M said...

ohh Looks nasty , why was it soo busy ?

Duncan said...

TBH, Scott, Caroline, who ski's says that's normal or quiet (I can't remember her exact words). She said on the Lecht that they sometimes close the snowgates because of traffic, not snow.

Different culture. Different expectations. I'm a hiker, so if I can't get parked, I just won't pull up at the side of the road. I think my hiking gear costs as much as ski/board gear, so it isn't financial snobbery. My tent was about 200 quid, boots over a hundred, heck, my stove was about 50 quid (just the stove, not the pan). But you'll not see any real hiker just abandon a car at the side of the road because they've spent that much money on their kit and want to use it.

But, each to their own. I'll not be going that way again.

Michael914 said...

Does look nasty, just as well the emergency services weren’t needed past. Bet it was cold?.

Scott.G.M said...

ahh , popular place... i've only been hiking once andd that was for my " Bronze Duke of Edingburgh " award which was a 2 day expedition , and i relised hiking gear was rather expensive...

Duncan said...

Dunno about the cold, Michael, as I was in the car and can't remember what the thermometer read. It was -9'c at Braemar/Linn of Dee when taking photos in the morning.

Duncan said...

Ayes, Scott, gear can be expensive, but if you're using it, it works out cheaper than other things.

Boots/trailshoes: 60-120 quid. Rest of the kit you can pick up cheap in sales, and replace with better (eg lighter, warmer, more durable) as and when.

The expensive tent I bought in 2006 has had over 34 nights, so worked out at under a tenner a night. Probably cheaper than some iPods and gamestations.

All depends on what you want to do with your life and where your financial priorities are.

Scott.G.M said...
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Scott.G.M said...

Well its like anything i suppose , if its expensive and its well used then it balances out nicely.