Monday, 7 January 2008

Stats for 2007

The blog monitoring only started in October. Since then the blog has received 2,333 visits, viewing 4,938 pages, spending an average 3minutes here. According to Google, there have been 1,090 'uniques', coming from 22 different countries (ignoring the usual 0:00:00 visits).

Strange keywords - looking at visitor searches and seeing the amount of time they spent on site:

  • a place to rest after 0900pm in glasgow [10 minutes]
  • drink driving figures grampian [8 minutes]
  • jupiter 2 spacecraft [4 minutes]
  • journalism+blog+rgu+scott [4 minutes]
  • mark stirton the planet [4 minutes]
  • candace downey [2 minutes]

Just goes to show you, I suppose. A website doesn't allow people to find the eclectic mix that a blog allows. Once readers visit, they may find that there's more information that is useful to them - or is entertaining, or just kills some time.

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