Thursday, 13 September 2007

Blog Misuse

On a visit round the blogs, I noticed one student giving advice on attempting to bypass our college security. Here's the comment I posted - in summary - nothing you do in College on a computer is anonymous, everything is tracked against your student account.

Well done. There were students excluded last year for using sites like these. It should make for a smaller class.

If you read the college policy, we have security in place to block misuse. Attempts to bypass our security can lead to viruses, etc coming into the college. Having been warned of it, and if you still do this, you may find yourself in breach of the Computer Misuse Act.

Woah, not only excluded, but a chance of a criminal record. Not what you came to college to get, eh? If you want music, go and buy it. Your logins are recorded, and the sites you access are recorded by the college system.

As this is your professional blog, I STRONGLY recommend that you delete the blog entry.

You will find that others in the College are looking at your blogs, and passing on hacks and the like on your professional blogs will drop you in trouble. In extreme, you may find that your blog is closed down by Blogger for being inappropriate.

Remember that this is your professional blog, something that you can show to potential employers.


Scott216 said...

Soooo...posting a music player on my blog isnt a good idea? I dont know if its legal or not, the website i got it from doesnt realyyy say much. Its off just now anyway.

Scott216 said...

Yeh i got it from think the page is under construction atm but just wondering if pages like this are legal?...or content at least

Duncan said...

The article that I read, Scott was concerning a proxy server, and anonymous Net use. Nothing to do with the music player.

I saw the music player on your site last week (IIRC), and passed on to other bloggers. I got told about in return, and we went on to discuss music embedded in blogs.

But, you are correct, if you have widgets like music players on your blog, then make sure they are 'legal'. If these bases are covered, feel free to put the player back on. Your playlists give people an idea of what music you like - an insight into your personality.

Scott216 said...

ah i see, cool thanks =]

Duncan said...

Guilty conscience, Scott ;-)

Better safe than sorry these days. We'll be hitting blogs for copyright information shortly.