Sunday, 23 September 2007

With Great Cameras Comes Great Responsibilities

UK Photographers Rights Guide. Although written in 2004, and noting that you accept that the authors have no responsibility for the advice given (i.e. if you get into trouble, hire an expert).

There is an American version from 2006 (pdf link), dealing more with how to deal with harassment and security guards making up the law as they go.

Bear in mind that the law is constantly changing, and that many police have an "attitude test" - be a pratt, and you'll be treated like one. Know your rights, know your responsibilities and don't be afraid to say that "actually, I'm on public land, and the law says ... ", all in a professional manner, as you note their badge number.

Note that Aberdeen College is not a public building, and that photographing people without their consent is not allowed. Under-16s, and some other people, need to have permission granted by their parents/guardians as well.


Catherine970 said...

That's an ace photo! I don't quite know what to do with my t-shirt, it's rather huge as they were all mens sizes lol. Presentation was good. He gave away wine.

Duncan said...

That was from one of my other student's blogs. Link