Monday, 12 November 2007

Bloggers' Roundup nr 3

Craig Yeats writes a detailed review of the Foo Fighters' gig at the AECC. Steve reviews his band's gig in Portlethen. Jamie looks forward to the Scotland v Italy game at Hampden, and Shaun's found a site where you can pass on messages to a chap in Canada via LED lights.

Wesley's used Google Analytics to see who's been coming to his blog, and what they have been looking for. Using this information, he's provided visitors with useful links. Very cunning.

Speaking of cunning, Michael has been planning ahead for next year's HNC. Alex has been roped into doing a voice-over and being a director. Ross writes briefly about what happened in Duthie Park.

Michaela and Claire have been doing some introductory work in Flash, telling stories from their younger days. Click on the images to get them working. John has pushed the envelope with his animation. It's a very big download.

A big "well done" to all who participated in the first completed "Blog Your Own Adventure" game. Link.

By no means finally, Graham posts about a chat I had following some problems, and Dean has a message for you all. Brings a tear to the eye. Well done, sir.

And on a lighter note, this made me laugh and wince.

Small Print

If your blog is missing from your tutor's blogroll, please contact them with the updated url.

Those mentioned above can feel free to carry the award below on your blog.

This listing is purely subjective, and is solely the responsibility of Duncan.

With the HMIE away for another few years, we await their written report. We are missing an opportunity, it seems. I have various ideas of what we are missing. We have a list of "soft skills" that employers are looking for. Timekeeping and attendance are amongst them. Other skills include: a proactive disposition; the ability to communicate; initiative, flexibility and adaptability; self-motivation and a competitive and results-driven attitude; and knowledge of the business area in which you want to work [Source].

Many of you have no idea what it is like in the real world. Turning up late or refusing to undertake tasks that you have been given will result in only one course of action from your employer. As will doing things grudgingly and doing the minimum to get by. It is a competitive jobs market out there, and we hope that coming to Aberdeen College will better prepare you for the real world.

Sitting on your hands is not an option, there is always something you can do better, or research for the future. Your future.


Shaun Byres said...

Thanks for the mention.

Duncan said...

Thanks for the find, Shaun.

I remember finding a GoatCam once. You could type text into the webpage, and a text-reader would spea your words to a byre of goats. The webcam would allow you to see their reactions to your words.

But I reckon it was just a hoax.