Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Meditation by Paddyrasta

Paddyrasta's "Meditation" video, filmed here in Aberdeen. See how many locations you can spot.


ratonthebeam said...

I am going down to Archibald Simpsons to see if the shoe is still there :)

Seriously - loved this vid lol :)

Nelson said...

I take it this is your favourite artist/band? Got the idea from one of my students (John) who said I should ask you on his behalf! Not blaming the lad... but seriously is it? LoL

Duncan said...

Nelson and John, I don't think I have a favourite artist. I've only heard this once. My cd collection extends through Jefferson Airplane, Bare Naked Ladies, The Specials, The Stone Roses, John Lee Hooker, Solomon Burke, The Cure. In the CD player just now is "Native American Legends". Does the word "eclectic" cover this?

I like people who show their craft, and enjoy what they are doing. A lot spun off the re-release of "The Blues Brothers", as it got me into John Lee Hooker, and then into various other music from their, as I listened to the originals of the music covered in the movie. They convey human emotion, they have humour, they are timeless.

I appreciate the difficulty of playing music, and the skill and craft that goes into it. even though I don't understand the words, I still hum along to the Gaelic chorus' or Apache words in a track.

Music is strange. Although there are cultural differences, it (especially when seen live) seems to be able to cut across cultural boundaries more than other art forms.