Tuesday, 13 November 2007

First Month's Numbers

I set up Google Analytics to monitor site stats about a month ago (10th October), so I've back-dated these stats a few days for neatness sake to the 10th November. In the last month, there have been

  • 931 visits (430 absolute unique visitors),
  • 2,085 pageviews, averaging 2.24 pages/visit,
  • spending an average of 4 minutes & 26 seconds on site.

In more detail, 67.56% visits were from Internet Explorer, 29.75% from FireFox, other browsers include 6 visits from a SonyEricsson k800i mobile phone.

The most 'uniques' tend to visit on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday - unsurprising as that's when the Int2's have their blogging classes.

Most visits came in directly to the address, more than a few (19) typed in a "www" before the address, 10 people used either Google or Yahoo to find this blog.

62% of people spend less that 10 seconds on the blog. Ach well, maybe if I used shorter words, more people would try reading it instead of looking at the pictures? Of course, the people who spend less than 10 seconds on the site aren't going to pick up on that, so, WTH. Noobs.

Being a cartophile (look it up, stoopd) I love the map overlay. Sadly it's not 'uniques', by visits. I'm ignoring 00:00:00 seconds on site, as that's just passing traffic. There's quite a few of them, so it it interfering with statistic.

  • UK, 812 visits - Aberdeen, Burford, Clevedon, Cumbernauld, Daventry, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Glasgow, Holmfirth, Irlam, Kirkcaldy, Kirkintillock, Knutsford, Leicester, London, Lymm, Manchester, Northampton, Petersfield, Sale, Sheffield, Staines, Uddingston, Wallington, Wembley, Wombwell.
  • USA, 62 visits - California/San Mateo, New York/New York (that song's just way too obvious), New Mexico/Las Cruces (never heard of before, great sounding name), Michigan/Detroit (home to Motown music, here's a difficult question),  Texas/Irving (ZZ Top's drummer went to school there). Alabama/Shannon. Nebraska/Omaha. Florida/Orlando. Virginia/Lynchburg (Jubal Early won that one). Illinois/Chicago (sweet home).
  • Netherlands, 7 visits - Arnhem (I'll be obvious with the vidlink), and Twello (what a sweet name for a place).
  • Canada, 5 visits - Winnipeg (IIRC, there's a big Highland community there).
  • Australia, 5 visits
  • China, 4 visits - Ningbo
  • Germany, 3 visits
  • Ireland, 3 visits - Dublin
  • France, 2 visits
  • Singapore, 2 visits
  • Switzerland, 2 visits - Wohlen
  • Spain, 2 visits - Pontevedra
  • Venezuela, 1 visit - Caracas

Top referrers are: Michael, Scott, Phill, Chrissie, Andrew, Nelson. But still, no-one from Madagascar!

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