Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Bloggers' Roundup nr 4

Well, these are starting to feel like the closing sequences to "Open all Hours". As IE was crashing on me, and I like having my work and personal info on two different browsers, the solution was simple: download a different browser. Hopefully viewing 433 updates since last month won't cause my system to crash. And so, on with the show.

Int2 students were interviewing historical figures. Here's some of my favourites:

Robert Roy MacGregor, William McGonagall, Otis Reading, Alexander Graham Bell (again, and again), Robert "The Bruce" (again), Robert Burns (again), Sir Alexander Fleming, Walt Disney, John Pemberton, George Stephenson, Flora Macdonald, Oliver Cromwell, Tom Pryce, Sir Walter Scott, Jimi Hendrix, Mary (Queen of Scots).

There were some good short ones, that are crying out for more work to be done on them: John Muir, John Logie Baird, William Blake, James Clerk Maxwell, William Wallace (again), John McDouall Stuart, William McEwan, Charles Rennie Macintosh (again), Kristijonas Donelaitis, Sir Walter Scott, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, David Douglas, Jane Austin, Andrew Moray, Sir William Paterson.

In other posts. Good advice from Jodie: One thing that you should never do is to exchange photos. You may not no who the person is or what they are intending on doing with the picture. Chrissie gives a presentation on Old Aberdeen. Luke got the trial version of 3ds Max and is investigating 3d graphics. Scott gives a lesson in Photoshop.  Alanna and Becca have their future mapped out (possibly doing this next year). Paul's found some crazy but good folk at College. Calum's tried a video post using Blogger's system (good attempt, technology letting you down though). Colin took apart a PC and put it back together again. Meanwhile, Richard's having a bad time with his PC.  Dale's not been looking healthy.

But Kari gains the place of honour by starting the countdown to the New Year!

Small Print

If your blog is missing from your tutor's blogroll, please contact them with the updated url.

Those mentioned above can feel free to carry the award below on your blog.

This listing is purely subjective, and is solely the responsibility of Duncan.

Not much to say in the summing up. Avant browser worked without crashing. Festive season is coming in, and most folk are shattered - it'll be a long deserved break for most of us after the HMIE visit. There's some interesting plans and projects buzzing around in the background. I think the timing of the inspection was good, as it came at a time when we can ride the Web2.0 wave, and you have the chance of using your creativity and energy to further your career. The wave won't last long. There won't be another one along for years.

And yet, the more things change, the more they stay the same. I noticed another person I'll need to question, and it isn't Alexander Graham Bell.

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