Saturday, 15 December 2007

FMAO Aberdeen Beach


Sun just shone as crescent and line through clouds. Ship about to obscure it. By jimminy, it's cold.

IMG_5017-01az IMG_5029-01z

In dawn's early light, there was still life down at the sea front.


The sun suddenly cleared through the off-shore cloudbank.


Only to be partly obscured by a passing ship for a few minutes.


And then a clear run, with only the polarising filter on.

IMG_5085-01z IMG_5129-01p IMG_5156-01z IMG_5160-01z IMG_5172-01z IMG_5182-01z  IMG_5168-01az

Turning round, the view up the surfline looked so different. (maplink)


Michael914 said...

Looks a very interesting activity, inspires me to try it myself someday.

Duncan said...

Photographing the sun rise on a cold beach is hardly what anyone could call an "activity". Last weekend I walked for about 3 hours. This weekend, I hardly moved at all.

Warm clothing is the key.