Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Police Launch Festive Campaign

From the Grampian Police RSS feed and website:

Motorists across the north of Scotland are being given the stark message this festive season – Don't Drink and Drive.

"Our message is again very simple and very real," said Chief Inspector Tom Forrester, Head of Roads Policing in Grampian.

"Research indicates that drinking and driving or driving under the influence of drugs greatly increases your risk of being involved in a collision," he continued.
"Those people who choose to drink and drive or drive whilst under the influence of drugs are at a significantly higher risk of being involved in a collision than those who don't - a collision that could result in serious injury or death to themselves, the death of someone close to them or the death of an innocent member of the community.  Ask yourselves this - could you live for the rest of your life with the death of another human being on your conscience?"

Chief Inspector Forrester added:  "This year we are launching a text service where members of the public can report anyone they suspect to be drinking and driving.  You will see posters displaying the text number 07739934444 throughout the Force area and I would encourage anyone with any information about drink /drug drivers to use this facility, or 'Crimestoppers' to report anyone they know to be drinking and driving.  I guarantee your information will be treated in the strictest confidence.
"During this campaign we will be deploying additional resources in all areas of the Force to deter and detect offenders. 

You will be breathalysed for committing any moving road traffic offence, whether that's exceeding the speed limit, failing to wear a seat belt or driving your vehicle with a defective light.  Don't ruin someone else's Christmas this year.  Don't risk it – Don't drink and drive!"

Drinking and driving or taking drugs and driving have an obvious effect on drivers' abilities and this effect can last for several hours afterwards – even after a night's sleep.  Over indulgence at the office party or Christmas night out can mean motorists are still unfit to drive the following day and no amount of fresh air, food or coffee can change that - only time will.

Chief Inspector Forrester concluded:  "If you have to ask yourself whether you are fit to drive the 'morning after', there is every likelihood you are not.  So don't risk it! Don't ruin this festive season – or those for years to come...Don't drink and drive."

Other media from the "Think! Road Safety Website"

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