Thursday, 27 December 2007

FMAO Callanish


Sunset at Callanish. Maplink.

So, the rain stopped, my migraine lifted after looking at the bright sky for the first time in days, and I headed to Callanish. There were a few folk there, and what surprised me was that few were taking pictures of the sun on the stones. But, maybe they were.


I think I'm just being a snob, but why don't people wait for about 15 minutes-30 minutes for the light to change?


Especially if it has taken them a while to get there? But that's just me I'm in my warm hiking gear (hmm, can't wait to get the down jacket from Alpkit in the New Year - toasty), and I'm taking snaps of this and that.


Above:  Original JPG version of shot. Below: Same shot, where the original RAW version has been edited using my Christmas present of Scott Kelby's "7 Point System". Cropped to remove half a stone, and some foreground for a panorama shot.


And there was no-one else taking photos of the sunset. Ach well, there'll be another sunset tomorrow. And it's not my concern.


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