Tuesday, 11 December 2007

PhotoWalk nr 1

I tagged along with one of the groups during the Blog class's PhotoWalk exercise.

We went downstairs.

DSC04318 (Medium)

We looked out of windows.

DSC04321 (Medium)

We went down to the "narrows".

DSC04325 (Medium)

It was so cold that we went back inside and downstairs.

DSC04328 (Medium)

We snuck in, so as not to disturb the construction students.

DSC04329 (Medium)

It was nice to see the work on display.

DSC04331 (Medium)

Then we went back to the classroom to upload the photographs, and write about the expedition.


mikey 619 said...

ye same sign but different angle its very eye catching

Duncan said...

The advantage of digital is that you can take lots of photos and only post which ones you like.

I'm never sure of these angled shots. I'm useless at judging my photos. I suppose it depends on what you are trying to communicate.