Thursday, 13 December 2007

PhotoWalk nr2

Another day, another group, another photowalk. I joined the largest group as SOMEONE hadn't returned all of the cameras, so we only had THREE college ones.

We went along through the Tower Block

DSC04335 (Medium)

You know you've been watching too much "Scrubs" when you think all staff should be issued with lab coats.

DSC04336 (Medium)

It isn't art.

DSC04337 (Medium)

So we went to the Multimedia Centre to see some art.

DSC04342 (Medium)

DSC04344 (Medium)

DSC04341 (Medium)

Then we took a pile of stairs to get back to the ground floor...which was actually the lower ground floor, the ground floor is up there.

DSC04347 (Medium)

Then we snuck into a lift to get back to the fourth floor.

DSC04346 (Medium)

We didn't photograph the heads in the Salon as the staff there were really busy and we didn't want to annoy them.

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