Sunday, 28 October 2007

Bloggers' Roundup nr 2

Michael's been thinking about adding photographs to his blog, as well as where about in the world looks like a good holiday spot.

Catherine has been sketching, Hugo has been dabbling with colour, film and cooking.

Nelson noted Lewis Hamilton's lap time. Luke did some homework, and wrote a good report about the recent legal actions. Michael went to see Saw IV. I look forward to the continuing adventures of Nevil.

I promised Farrakh a mention, as he solved a problem with getting logged into Google Reader - you can change the email address to a Hotmail account, or a correct College email address if it was originally mistyped.

Small Print

If your blog is missing from your tutor's blogroll, please contact them with the updated url.

Those mentioned above can feel free to carry the award below on your blog.

This listing is purely subjective, and is solely the responsibility of Duncan.

As technology advances, more and more employers look at your online presence to back up your job applications. If you decide to write short, rude words in your blog, an employer will not think much of you. If you don't care about your online presence, why should a potential technology employer. Use your blogs to project the image that you choose - if you choose to be a numpty, that is what the world will see. Leave numptydom behind, and look to the future instead, to your future. Watch the first 6 minutes of this report from BBC's Click.

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