Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Tough on Blogging

...tough on the causes of non-blogging. New timetable changes means that I'll be replacing neophyte blogger, Sheila, on Thursdays with the N4OG-B group. Sheila's done a sterling job, as ever, in learning and teaching blogging skills, but I'm the chap responsible for the course, and it makes sense that as well as writing the course, that I'm delivering it too.

I've also been running my own blog for over a year, with just over 6,000 people worldwide having read the blog (since I started keeping statistics in February); reading text, looking at photographs, watching YouTube feeds, following links and making comments. I've been interviewed for a couple of podcasts, one of which is available on iTunes, whilst the blogging one is being edited.

So I know how important blogging is to the world of Web 2.0, and hope to get the same enthusiasm across to the class. It is your chance to show the world your skills, and your chance to give potential employers a chance to see what you can do for them.

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