Sunday, 21 October 2007

RW Profile: Julz

Julia Parra writes that:

I am fortunate and grateful to be taking part in a transformative experience at Pepperdine University working on an Ed.D in Educational Technology. I spend my days working at New Mexico State University as a project coordinator and online instructor and I taught middle-school for four years. My expertise lies in distance learning, K12 professional development, higher education faculty development, social computing, and emergent technologies. I am helping to develop a new online teaching and learning certificate at NMSU and I’m still a proud RETAzen providing resources, community, and professional development for teachers in New Mexico.

She has a variety of online presences:

I like her style.


julz said...

Duncan, thank you.

Duncan said...

LOL - that didn't take you long, Julz! You got trackback on somewhere?

We're just starting to use blogs and wiki's, especially under the new Digital Media Computing course we've got access to in Scotland. I might see you in SL later in the teaching year :) I'll be the one taking my class virtual Munro bagging

You've been exploring this media for a while now, so don't be surprised if some of your ideas turn up on this side of the Atlantic, I chuck in lots of ideas into the melting pot and ladle out the better ones to my classes. I hope.

julz said...

I actually have a google alert on myself :)

Let me know when you're in SL and I will make it a point to go visit. You can send me an email at julia.parra at gmail dot com.

I'm interested in how you use blogs and wikis with your course, let me know.