Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Youth Music

Many of the problems of today's society may be down to the fact that modern kids tv programs don't have decent theme songs. The songs we carry through life enter our heads from an early age. I'm not talking about the actual program, but the music.


My childhood "The Flashing Blades"; "The Banana Splits".

Current childhood "Spongebob", "Watch my Chops".

Simplistic, maybe, but what happy sounds do you retreat to when life gets hectic? It might explain the recent popularity of The Hoosiers.


alan jamieson said...

sorry to hear your ill,

Spongebob squarepants tune sticks in my head at times- must be what went wrong,

also i do like the hoosiers 'im worried about ray' tune :P

Duncan said...

Glad to hear that someone is sticking up for at least one modern theme tune.

Stuck at home with hot flushes, throat burning, drinking chilled drinks and not speaking. Lemsips and covonia.

I must pick up the Hoosiers album.

Michael914 said...

Just thought I would write and let you know that my google analitics has said my blog has had 100 hits.
60 from London.

get well

Duncan said...

Hi Michael. I'm the same, 225 visits from London and 212 from Aberdeen. I think it may be the way that the JANET network is set up.

Are the pages/visit and avg time on site figures about the same for Aberdeen and London? They are on mine.

Michael914 said...

Hi Duncan, my averages differ slightly between Aberdeen and London..

Duncan said...

I'm at 2.46 pages/visit and 5:47 avg time on site for London, and 2.55 and 5:27 from Aberdeen.

Strangely the main difference is in % New Visits, 19.11% for London and 57.55$ for Aberdeen.

Almost worth doing a Traceroute a few times. But I think it is more to do with inaccuracies in Google's tracking system.