Thursday, 18 October 2007

Creative writing exercise


Well, we got through 9 students today in the creative writing exercise "The Braemar Witch Project", before running out of time. Was fun had? Was it a novel use of the blogs? Will we do it again?

I'll certainly be emailing the N4OG's Comms staff to see if they can give pointers before we try another one.

I am impressed that everyone has a working "next" button in their part of the story. Benefits of working with HTML in the same block as blogging, perhaps?

The Braemar Witch Project: A Hallowe'en Tale.

Introduction (Duncan)

Part 1 (Michael)

Part 2 (Amber)

Part 3 (Marianne)

Part 4 (Farrakh)

Part 5 (Dean)

Part 6 (Darren)

Part 7 (Craig)

Part 8 (John)


Scott216 said...

ahhh i love these, very fun on forums!!

Duncan said...

You ain't seen nothing yet, Scott! I have plans. Cunning plans.

Duncan said...

You ain't seen nothing yet, Scott! I have plans. Cunning plans.

Scott216 said...

Oh really?!?!?! :o

Duncan said...

Oh yes, lad. Imagination and creativity separate us from the beasts of the Earth. Most animals on Earth can kill or injure a human, and would do so given half a chance. What makes us the dominant species is our ability to think.

Not using our brains is a crime. A crime punishable by ILP7. Most of the work in Computing & IT is about creative or logical use of the brain. Why not show creativity in your blogs? They are your blogs, not mine. All I can hope to do is show you lot a spark, to light the fire.

Rsistance is futile. You will be educated.

Duncan said...

A lot of people remembered the "fold-in" writing technique, but this is different. When looking for the term, I found this useful page:, with lots of computer-generated writing links.

Duncan said...

I'm getting lazy, and generated the above HTML code for the links by writing in Windows Live Writer, add in the links (remembering to remove the unsuported "open in new window") and then just copy/pasted the HTML into the comment window.

Pure dead laziness.