Sunday, 7 October 2007


This morning I have been mainly taking photos around the Castlegate. The council have a webcam on it.

The reason that I went was that I had mentioned the "painted lady" to Tonderai. "When it is a sunny morning", says I, "I'll need to go and photograph her." Today was the day.

Postcard from Aberdeen: The Painted Lady

I also discovered that I can download, edit (e.g. add photographs) and republish the blog post in Windows Live Writer. Importantly, the post keeps its place in the blog-time continuum. The option is under open.

I took some other shots around the east end of Union Street. Like the statue, where each corner has a mouth, for an old water-spout. What I had never noticed was that each head has 3 noses and other oddities. I wonder if Picasso ever visited Aberdeen? Did he have a grey period?


Always look up in cities, you never now what you might see.





Yes, this too is a "don't forget to look up" lesson, as the rabbit was on an embankment above the pavement.


What surprised me was how busy town was at that time on a Sunday morning.


P.S. editing this with Live Writer was sooo much easier than using Blogger's own editor.


Catherine970 said...

nice photographs :)
What's wrong with random text anyway?

Duncan said...

Thanks, Catherine.

Did I say there was anything wrong with random text? I just commented on the fact that you use it a few times. Nothing wrong with that.

Develop a style, explore it, push the boundaries of your skills. Move on to something else.

I'm exploring light just now, and trying to find accurate combinations of camera settings for different light/subject/location situations. So I chuck away lots of 'failed' photos. But that's the benefit of digital to noobs like me.

ratonthebeam said...

PAINTED LADY?! Bloomin' cheek, that is the Goddess Ceres! And I hope she doesn't take offence at your calling her a Painted Lady, because she is the Goddess of Plenty!(She is up there because the building used to be a bank.)

Seriously, it's a good, flattering shot :-) well done!

Duncan said...

I know that, but it is easier to describe her as "The Painted Lady". It's all Greek to me anyway!