Monday, 1 October 2007

Hot & Cold Weekend

This weekend I was mainly taking photographs (and getting a haircut).

After having a short time up town on Saturday getting the aforementioned haircut and bought a copy of "Pan's Labyrinth". I saw Del Toro's "Devil's Backbone", which was an excellent story and well shot. He has a great imagination.

So, I headed down to the beach with the 2nd hand tripod that arrived from eBay, and a stepping ring that allows me to use my 58mm filters on the 52mm zoom lens. Stepping down the coastal defences, the warmth of the town was swamped by a cold on-shore breeze.

Grampian Eye

Tripod allows more stable images

Surfing in the cold

Water swirling around a depth marker

Evening sun glinting on the harbour water

A warmer Sunday found me at Slains Castle. Despite being on the same coast, there was hardly a breeze above the cliffs.

Me at Slains - Castle, not pub

Slains Castle

Southward down the coast

I have about 150 photos of the castle, but I'm using them on a new project. If it works, I'll post a sample here.

Oh, and this is the first post here using Windows Live Writer. It is my editor of choice, but requires a download, so won't work on College accounts.

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